Saturday, February 18, 2012

What's the big deal about VA's vaginal ultrasound bill.

I don't know if you've read it -- I'll wait while do....but essentially
in VA -- there is a proposed law to require that women have an INTERNAL ultrasound prior to receiving an abortion.

What's the big deal right?

These are just trashy women
who went ahead and go themselves knocked up
they're about to have an abortion
so they'll have something up there anyway

why are they making such a big deal about having something else shoved up there
they should what

be used to it?


if they want an abortion they'll have to do whatever we tell them to


Let me ask you....

Have you had one of these?

Here's my joking account of my procedure

I've had a number of these
of my own free will
to try to find out what was wrong with me

I hate them

they are invasive
they are uncomfortable

there's a rod that they put up in side you -- there's a photo on that link of the one they use in my Dr's office.
they move in around


I have to tell you

it's uncomfortable.
it's embarrassing
it's invasive.

When I've had them it's because of an abnormality in my uterus
that needs to be examined
to check the growth of tumors
and cysts.

I would never have one otherwise.

I can't imagine being forced to have one
against my will

I suppose that in the minds of the people who formulated this bill
it doesn't matter what happens to these women
to these girls

because someone's going to be working in there anyway
why should they be granted any dignity?

all of this is in the spirit of "informed consent"

as if

it never occurred to the woman that there was a baby in there

by the way
on the way in

she walked past at least 20 people

some of them were praying holding photos of dead babies
some of the were preaching loudly standing on a box

one of them chased her down the sidewalk
telling her that she shouldn't do it - that they would help her find a place to live

one of them shouted at her husband telling him to "stand up and be a man!"

past posters of aborted babies


she knows


why show her an ultrasound?
why put that want inside her
and push it around

to humiliate her?
to punish her?

it's a vile idea.

from vile people.

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